WhatsApp Media Set to View Once?

Ever seen that little cheeky icon “View Once” right next to the send button? I bet yes but most people do not realize what it does, let alone try it out. If you do not have it, perhaps an app update is needed.

Before selecting “View Once”

After selecting “View Once”

According to the official WhatsApp's FAQ:
  • Media will not be saved to the recipient’s Photos or Gallery.
  • Once you send a view once photo or video, you won’t be able to view it again.
  • You can’t forward, save, star, or share photos or videos that were sent or received with view once media enabled.
  • You can only see if a recipient has opened a view once photo or video if they have read receipts turned on.
  • If you don’t open the photo or video within 14 days of it being sent, the media will expire from the chat.
  • You must select view once media each time you want to send a view once photo or video.
  • View once media can be restored from backup if the message is unopened at the time of back up. If the photo or video has already been opened, the media will not be included in the backup and can’t be restored.

Take note that the recipient is still able to take a screenshot or screen recording or even with some external help from another device to forcefully keep the media. And what’s more importantly, the media is still being kept on the WhatsApp server! Anyway, only send non-sensitive media to trusted individuals.